"Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now, and                       what will take place later."   Rev. 1:19  

Bishop William H. Henderson

International Prelate of the Light of the World Missions Inc, President of the Buffalo/Niagara Freedom Station Coalition.
Bishop H. Henderson started as an Evangelist in the United Holy Church of America Inc. This is where he found his spiritual foundation. Being moved by God he evangelized in many churches and throughout the USA. In the year of 1958, he felt a burning witness to do a greater work for the Lord. It was in the late summer that he was approached to keep the doors of El Bethel Assembly open. He loved the office of Evangelist and found pastoring to be very challenging.

Realizing the need for legal covering as Incorporation, he became acquainted with Mother Bertha Amos; through her help he was introduced to Lawyer Sari who began the process of drawing up papers of incorporation with the name of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD MISSIONS INC. As the president of the organization, my present thought was to protect and legalize the ministry.
El Bethel Assembly was the first church to come under the covering of THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD MISSIONS INC.; the United Church of Deliverance in Harlem, NY was the second.

Light of the World Mission Inc. Mission Statement:

Our mission and purpose as a fellowship is to reach souls for Christ, teach how to live a holy, clean and pure life for Christ through the infilling and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, according to God’s Holy Word. Be an example and light to the community and city. Teach youth the Gospel and prepare them Biblical answers for questions of today. To teach men, women, and youth to follow the commission of Jesus Christ by going into all the world and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Struggle

 "I remember my first Sunday as the new occupant of this Historical site. Our congregation was not large, all were of the working class. We were directed to this place by the Baptist Association who we had contacted concerning another building (church). This building was already spoken for and given to the congregation who was the owner of this Historical Site. G-d had given me favor with Macedonia Baptist Church, the owners. Over the years I had built up a Godly relationship with this group. So I firmly believe that this was Divine providence for me to become the caretaker of this valuable property. At one time this place was scheduled for the wrecker's ball, but G-d had other plans and I have tried my hardest and best to be a faithful steward...
When I speak of the struggle I mean this was no easy task I was called into. Not knowing anything about real estate I was very green. First I never really looked the building over to see the condition that it was in. To be honest, it wasn't until after we took the building over that I was awakened to its general condition. The two former congregations had taken no physical care of the church, leaving it in a terrible condition. I wept when I saw the condition; the roof was leaking, the choir preparation was damp with a foul odor, the furnace needed replacement. Having a small congregation which was doing all they could, I was burdened down with how I would do all things that were needed to make the House of G-d presentable. I not only served as the Pastor, but I took money of my own to keep the church afloat. I worked the 3rd shift as a RN in the hospital to help meet the church budget. In desperation I worked at getting help from other sources; it seemed as though no one heard my cry.
The church did many repairs in order to make the church presentable, but one could see the deteriorating condition of the church. Bricks were bulging from the water behind them from the leaking roof. In the winter, the water  that would freeze and then in the spring, the ice thawed causing the bricks to loosen. Then a new leak developed in the north-west corner of the roof which was damaging the interior wall of the sanctuary. During that time, I was afflicted with cancer and was on chemotheraphy. Without financial help or physical strength, I got in the crawl space to fix the hole. Every time I thought I had the hole fixed it would collapse. After the third try with no success I fell backwards, weeping, heart broken, discouraged, and despondent; my arm was torn by rusty nails; I looked up and prayed- "Jesus you were a master carpenter, show how to fix the roof." The plan began to click into my mind and I carried out the directions...that repair job lasted for five years.

That's not the end to the struggle. At the end of the five years after being told over and over again that the roof was going to fall in on me declaring by faith that the roof will not fall in. It was then that a grant for $45,000 was awarded to the church for a new roof. It was miracle like this where I saw the hand of God at work. But there was more that needed to be done. The plaster union put in a new ceiling in the Sanctuary. Yet we were in need of stabilization of the structure. We had put in for grants only to be declined for money because the government would not help due to the separation of state and religion, despite the fact that we are on the National Registry and designated as a Historical Site. So here we stand. At my station in life with the uncertainty of life and I am yet struggling, hoping, praying, and believing there will be a break through. I daily come into my office at the church and look around and then wonder how much longer before we see the work started. If only I could see the cloud the size of a man's hand would give indication that victory is on the way."
Bishop William Henderson
March 2009